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Stephanie Thendres


Meet Stephanie Thendres, the lively force behind bridal beauty and the mastermind behind BRIDESNEST! From Indonesia to Australia, Stephanie's journey is a vibrant tale of passion and creativity.

Studying Fashion Marketing in Sydney sparked her love for bridal beauty, where she began transforming brides into enchanting visions. But Stephanie's thirst for knowledge didn't stop there.

She ventured to San Francisco, earning a Master’s Degree in Communication and Media Technologies, and showcased her talents on social media, captivating audiences worldwide.

Now settled in sunny Los Angeles, Stephanie's dreams took flight as she founded not one but two successful ventures: BRIDESNEST and THENDRÉS SALONS. With every brushstroke, she creates magic, turning dreams into reality and clients into radiant stars.

Stephanie's story is a celebration of passion, diversity, and unwavering commitment to excellence. As she continues to spread joy through her artistry, one thing is clear: with Stephanie, beauty knows no bounds, and joy knows no limits!

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